Allow me to introduce myself!

Submitted by Annie on Wed, 2013-09-25 10:45

I'm Neil Cooper and I am the clinical director and owner of Crossbank Dental Care, an Implant referral centre.

I see my role as extending beyond replacing and restoring teeth with dental implants, but to developing and leading a first class support team. Having a vision of the future and guiding the practice towards it in terms of surroundings, ambience, and the delivery of excellence within dentistry.

What I like most about my role is the daily search for excellence and experiencing the support and growth of my team around me.

Outside of work, my number one passion would be rock climbing. I have been climbing for nearly twenty years and it has taken me to far flung corners of the globe that I would not have otherwise visited I have also spent time in the oceans surfing and even gaining a skydiving licence.

When indoors I am quite happy to sit and watch a good movie with a nice bottle of wine, preferably red Bordeaux. I have been ecstatically married for eleven years to my wife Bex and we have two delightful children; Solomon - who is almost five, and India Rose - who is almost two (both of them are bundles of energy and fun). We don't currently have any pets, but our children are angling on that one!

My personal goals for 2013 & 14 are to maintain a balance between work, rest and play; to spend time with my children and help them develop as caring little people as they strive to understand the world. I want to continually rekindle the magic of romance and fun in my marriage and to drive my climbing grade upwards, maintaining calm in moments of pressure.

My work goals for the forthcoming year are to grow the practice through reputation, not only for the work that we do, but the style in which we do it. I want to see more patients realising that quality dentistry can be delivered in a first class manner and that can literally change their lives. I want to grow my referral network from currently sixty dentists to over one hundred, by raising awareness about how implant dentistry can help them help their patients. I wish to see this referral community grow together to share information and solve problems for the benefit of our patients and to raise the standard of diagnosis through digital dentistry and 3D imaging.

Want to know more? Find me at Crossbank on