Bin There, Top That - The Brabantia Way!

Submitted by Annie on Thu, 2013-12-12 09:51

About eight winters ago I was strolling down Marlborough High street and impulsively bought a bin.

It was quite a big, but very nice Brabantia bin with a flip top lid. I remember questioning my decision a few hours later as I struggled home on the train with the one hundred litre bin.

Bin transportation and rail transportation aren't a marriage made in heaven and because of the price - this was an expensive bin!

But, the bin has served me well for the last eight years and has tolerated the repeated abuse of growing young children using it as both a drum and a catapult, amongst other things! Over the years Brabantia have very kindly replaced the clip that holds the lid down on a number of occasions free of charge.

However, the bin lid had finally seen better days and the plastic had started splitting around the hinge. I contacted Brabantia in the hope that they would allow me to buy a new bin lid and was delighted when the response was "no Mr Cooper, you can not buy one, but we will happily send you one free of charge", and sure enough, the following day a brand new bin lid arrived.

Eight years on, I found this an astonishing piece of customer service, which has cemented my brand loyalty to Brabantia indefinitely.

Would I bring another bin in London and drag it home to the Lakes on the train? Of course (if I couldn't find one closer to home).

Would I pay that price again? Absolutely. As far as I'm concerned Brabantia are the best there's ever bin!


P.S. Did we just bin the old bin lid? I wonder what Brabantia would make of this? With very best wishes for the forthcoming festive season.