Risk and Trust.

Submitted by Annie on Wed, 2013-10-02 13:44
Risk is everywhere and everything. It is what we accept everyday of our lives during everyday activities.  When we cross the road, or when we get in to our cars to drive anywhere, we accept there are inherent dangers and consequences of our actions.  There are inherent risks within any medical procedure and implant treatment is no different in that respect. At Crossbank we acknowledge this risk. When considering having dental implant treatment to permanently replace a tooth, stabilise or eliminate a denture, we have to calculate the risks versus the benefits of having that treatment. 
Invariably, the benefits out-way the risks.
We do not underestimate the decision that patients take when they chose to have implant treatment with us. It is reassuring for our patients to know that any risk is minimised; such procedures are an everyday occurrence for us. We are skilled and well practiced. When a patient is assessed properly, their treatment chosen appropriately, planned meticulously and then delivered with the highest levels of skill, care and attention....the result is astonishing, even life changing.
With this in mind it is important that the patient chooses an implant surgeon carefully.  But how do you choose one implant surgeon form another and begin to develop the trusting relationship that is required so they may place their dental health in the hands of their chosen dentist?  
It is worth doing a bit of research into the dental practice; the smells, the sites, the sounds, the Team that welcome you when you arrive?  Research the dentist him/herself.  
How often do they perform implant dentistry? 
How many implants have they placed? 
Has he/she just been on a two day implant course and has decided that he would like to put some screws in bone? 
Or has he/she studied hard, invested time being mentored by the industries leading experts?
Does they go out of his way to put himself beside those experts to watch and learn, repeatedly, constantly developing the boundaries of thier own skill beyond the norm?  
Does the implant surgeon care, really care about his patients, about the work, and about the end result and the benefits it can bring?  
He/she needs have pride in their own self, their own worth, their team, their reputation and the surroundings that they create to allow the patient to feel comfortable and trust.  
Trust, like risk is everywhere. In the pilot, the technology, the brakes(!), the science behind dental implants and in your chosen dental Team.  It is also something that is gained and earned over time, an intangible bond developed between people.  An acknowledgement that you will be there for someone when you are needed. My favourite pastime is rock climbing. When I'm climbing, there is a person at the other end of the rope. This person I trust implicitly with my life, to catch me if I fall. 
At Crossbank we understand what trust means. We hope that our patients feel that we will be there for them, when and if they need us.