Risk and Trust, part two!

Submitted by Annie on Fri, 2013-10-11 09:42

Ultimately it is trust, not risk that should guide our decisions. Trust in our chosen friends, colleagues, mentors and experienced professionals to help and advise. The risks involved with certain actions should and can be mitigated by connecting with those around us.

In my professional world this applies to tooth replacements with dental implants. As an implant surgeon I mitigate risks for my patients and referring dentists by being 'at the top of my game', planning meticulously (using 3D imaging available on-site) and providing careful and considerate procedures, showing complete empathy in understanding my patients concerns to deliver, ultimately, fantastic results.

In a world beyond work, there are risks too but this time it's my turn to trust. In the picture I'm plummeting earthwards with a small lifeline snaking downwards...climbing is a world of risk and reward, and the fear of falling is ever-present.

The risk however, is mitigated by knowing that there is a trusted person watching out for me.

On balance the benefits out-weigh the risks, it is planned to be that way. Complete trust in Nick Wharton (seen beneath my left foot) ensures that I won't hit the deck and I'll go home with a smile on my face.

I do the same for my patients, daily. Trust, not risk is where it's at.

You can learn more about the benefits of replacing missing teeth by following this link http://www.crossbankdental.co.uk/implants