Invisalign - A Clear Path to My Confident Smile ( Part One)

Submitted by Annie on Mon, 2014-11-24 15:23

Squinting my eyes in the darkness I lean closer in to the mirror and a peculiar habit of mine compels me to curl up my lips to check my teeth. Something is amiss. I lean little closer and my mouth creeps in to a sleepy smile. Perfect straight teeth smile back in the moonlit room. I look a little closer before closing my eyes and I blindly pad my way across the landing and in to bed where I collapse back in to the deep slumber hoping for that smile to never fade.

The euphoric moment was a teenage figment of my imagination and this story documents how using Crossbank dental care 15 years later it became my reality.

I was not blessed with a gleaming smile, with beautiful straight teeth. I first had my attention drawn to this in the schools technology workshop at age 12. The boy on the table across me called me ‘teeth’ and the name stuck through the next 3 years of school. The term ‘teeth’ however used ever since has made me shudder. Just that awful word alone is enough to make my heart skip a beat and then redirect the blood from my body and straight to my face. I was never given the opportunity from my dentist to take the train track braces that grace the beautiful faces of children and occasional brave adults today, so crookedly I continued through everyday life.