Invisalign - A Clear Path to My Confident Smile (Part Three)

Submitted by Annie on Mon, 2014-12-08 12:15

2 months in to the treatment I could see that my teeth were becoming noticeably straighter.  The aligners were pushing my back teeth outwards making a wider smile and creating more space for my front teeth to spread out.  They didn’t need to remove any teeth or put me through any painful processes. 

The aligners themselves were not painful.  They were only uncomfortable for the first 2-3 days of wearing them but for the rest of the 10-12 days they were an extension of myself. I could take them out for up to an hour everyday which meant that I could take them out to eat.  You can even eat with them in, but I don’t recommend pea and mint soup unless you enjoy a mesmerising kaleidoscopic effect of field green to greet the people you smile at later that day, I found that out through experience.

The aligners were subtle so some people wouldn’t notice them, but sometimes friends would ask.  Having avoided all teeth conversations in the past it was only through measures of straightening my own teeth that I realised just how many people have problems or are self confident about their own. 

4 months later and in time for early summer the pivotal moment occurred.  My front teeth became uncrossed.  Any further improvements to my teeth from here were a bonus and I still had 10 months of improvements to go. 

11 months in to the treatment a passerby on the high street of Kendal commented on my lovely smile!  He will never know how deep that comment went.  My smile grew from within as well as out!

14 months later and the invisilign is complete. I wear an aligner only at night to keep my teeth in position.  After 6 months if I choose I will not have to wear one at all, but as our teeth are prone to moving the older we get I think I’ll continue the nightly use indefinitely. A teeth whitening package is included with the treatment and so my smile really is gleaming and straight. I am a happier more confident person now.  Life just seems so exciting and I feel like I can achieve anything.

Squinting my eyes in the darkness I lean closer in to the mirror and a peculiar habit of mine compels me to curl up my lips to check my teeth.  Something is amiss.  I lean little closer and my mouth creeps in to a sleepy smile.  Perfect straight teeth smile back in the moonlit room.  I look a little closer before closing my eyes and I blindly pad my way across the landing and in to bed where I collapse back in to deep slumber knowing that smile will never fade.

Big thanks to all at Cross Bank Dental Care including the welcoming staff who greet you the moment you walk in the door to the nurses who take your coats and guide you to your appointment.  An eternal thanks to the incredible Mr Cooper and Mr Harrison to giving me a smile that I never knew I could hope for.  It has surpassed all my expectations.  Phenomenal!


The End