Invisalign - A Clear Path to My Confident Smile (Part Two)

Submitted by Annie on Mon, 2014-12-01 10:46

I moved to Cumbria from Devon around the same time as I turned 30.  I had to change dentist to keep up my attempt to keep my teeth as presentable as possible and the thought of our first meeting was of further dread.  By good fortune I overheard the conversation of my boyfriends family about Crossbank dental care and how good their treatment was.  Later that day I researched to find a friendly yet very professional dental practice with numerous strong testimonials so I booked my first appointment.  

My first appointment was a horrendous experience because of how uncomfortable I was with my teeth.  I still turn my head away in shame at the thought of it, but sensitively Mr Cooper approached the subject of routine check ups and gave me a form to fill out with general questions about my teeth.  Sensing my angst he gently moved on with his first assessment leaving me with the lasting comment of how lovely and clean my teeth were!  Positivity about my teeth I would never have expected.  Months later I awkwardly sat in his surgery for my next check up and Mr Cooper had clearly read my form.  The subject about straightening my teeth was broached upon.  I still cringe at the memory, but follow up with a smile.

A few weeks later Mr Cooper’s team had developed a plan using Invisilign of how my teeth could be straighter. They had created a series of images showing the journey my teeth would go on demonstrating each stage at a time.  There was also a time plan for how long it would take before they were finished and also an affordable payment plan that fitted my salary.  The image series showed my smile transform to that euphoric moment back in the bathroom when I was 15.  At this point there was no commitment to go ahead with the treatment, but it was incredible and I couldn’t wait to begin.

In time for Christmas in 2011 my invisilign treatment arrived.  In consisted of 14 months worth of aligners which were basically a clear plastic shield covering only my teeth.  I would wear each aligner for 2 weeks before throwing them away and replacing them with the next set of aligners. I had an appointment to return to Crossbank approximately once every 3 months for a 10 minute check up.  It was a very easy process.

I had 34 sets of aligners.  Every second week I would look forward to changing the aligner and then waking up the following morning to see this difference. Seemingly significant adjustments would occur overnight.  Instantly to receiving my aligners I felt better about my smile solely by the thought that Crossbank Dental care and I were taking measures to improve it.