At It Again!

Submitted by Annie on Tue, 2014-06-03 21:07

Two years ago I was asked to speak at Bredent Medical's conference in Munich and this year at their third biannual meeting I felt privileged to be invited again.

Two years ago it was my first time on a big stage speaking to a large group of people, but this year was different. I didn't have the luxury of being the newbie on the block. I was no longer an unknown name, and couldn't use the 'underdog' label as an excuse if I messed it up. This year I was recognisable and I knew that people had expectations. So the pressure was on to deliver a lecture as good or better than it was two years ago. Both in terms of content, but also style, I would be expected to be that of a seasoned lecturer.

As it happens I haven't done any public speaking since that day two years ago. However I always knew this would be the case since I don't actively seek out public performances or lecturing invitations. Never the less, I chose to accept this invitation for several reasons;

Firstly, I enjoy working closely with Bredent Medical and their products. I feel that it's the right thing to do to repay the support and the loyalty that they have shown me over the past six years in developing my implant practice.

Secondly, speaking at an event such as this it will always be outside my comfort zone and that challenge I found exciting.

Thirdly, the subject matter of the lecture is at the forefront of dental technology and complete tooth replacement in the UK.

The topic was concerning a dental material called Bio HPP which is a high performance polymer used in the manufacture of replacement teeth. It allows us to replace a failing, or completely missing set of teeth with a completely new set using 4 to 6 dental implants to fix them in place. These replacement teeth look natural, are longer lasting than alternatives and allow people to eat and speak with confidence once more. BioHPP is unusual in that it flexes similarly to human bone which is a great leap forward when compared with other dental materials used for such teeth.

Although BioHPP has been used for many years in Europe, I have been fortunate enough to be the first dentist in the UK to use it along side my technician Steve Taylor. As such over the past 18 months we have gained significant experience with this special material. I am not only very proud to be involved with Bredent Medical and BioHPP but I'm also very, very excited about the future for this material within dentistry in the UK and the ability for us to be able to replace complete sets of missing teeth or ruined and failing teeth with a long lasting and aesthetic material for our patients.