Submitted by Annie on Thu, 2014-10-30 13:06

As the dark nights set in and winter looms we tend to replace our healthy fresh salads and dessert favourites such as strawberries for warm wholesome comfort foods, not to mention desserts such as sticky toffee pudding. So what can we do to protect our teeth during this time?

Well at Crossbank Dental Care we are excited to be exploring the world of confectionary. “Sweets!” I hear you cry in horror, well, we are currently researching sugar free chocolates and sweets and have been amazed at the availability of options available.

Sugar free  however, is only one way to reduce the risks of tooth decay and at Crossbank Dental Care we are reminding patients that good oral hygiene is important in reducing the chances of tooth decay, we are stressing the point that having sweet treats at a meal time, and not an hour or two after main course, is the best possible way to still enjoy these delights while helping to protect your teeth, by reducing the frequency of harmful acidic effects of the sugar on your teeth.

So if the Halloween sweets, bonfire cinder toffee or the chocolates in the advent calendar do call your name, by all means indulge but by saving it until a mealtime, you really can help to save your teeth too!