Location, Location, Re-Location!

Submitted by Annie on Mon, 2015-06-01 12:14

In 2001 it all started. The move from the city of Sheffield to the Lake district to have my own dental practice (I had only ever worked in practices owned by others). On 1st July, I took possession of a building on the main street of Kendal that had housed a dental practice for over 60 years. The Georgian building was tastefully restored and updated to modern standards and best practice for the provision of dentistry. This is me set for life...isn't it? When you first move to an area, one of the first things you need to do is to find a new dentist and a new doctor, and that's the same for us dentists too, although finding a new dentist is the easy bit. I approached a doctor's surgery in order to register as a patient, and I walked into a purpose built property that would have been a dream for me. All the accommodation was located on one floor and surrounding a big open atrium with lots of natural light, flooding in from skylights. I could just imagine a baby grand piano in the centre - the thing dreams are made of. Over the years, Crossbank Dental has blossomed. Our team has grown, with the addition of excellent clinicians of different skills, and accompanying support team members. Patients were realising and understanding the quality of care we deliver. About 4 years ago, I had the niggling thought that we were reaching capacity in our current premises. I've since have had my eye open for somewhere new but 3 or 4 potentials just didn't work out, including my 'dreamed of' doctors premises that had become vacant, but it was far beyond my means and ability. Crossbank Dental continued to flourish, bolstered by increasing patient numbers and reputation, and fuelled by patients referred in now from over 73 practices in the region. Yet again, I chased the doctors premises that had now been stood empty for several years...just in case a hope could be kindled. A conversation developed, the deal was done and I now stand facing another huge milestone in my career. A dream becoming a reality. The plans attached show the new premises where we intend to relocate within 6 months, just a few hundred metres from our exiting site - that fabled premises that I only dreamed about and didn't think was possible. With the help of some local very well respected architects, we hope to turn it into something iconic for Kendal and Cumbria. Watch this space for updates!