Teeth in a Day

Fixed teeth in a day, a closer look...

It’s natural to be a little anxious when thinking about dental implants, so it might help if we explain the process.

When people have less than 6 natural teeth left in any one jaw, it is unlikely these teeth will last their lifetime. Often the last few teeth are used to anchor dentures, but this puts more force on the teeth causing them to become loose. Even though jaw bone shrinks and dentures become loose and uncomfortable, you often feel you really want to save these last few teeth when in reality, it is just postponing the inevitable.

Dental implants can offer the perfect solution. The implant acts like a tooth root and is anchored in the jaw bone. A post is screwed onto the implant, and this supports a crown, bridge or denture. Another huge benefit of implants is that they stabilise the jaw bone and stop it from shrinking.

In some cases, you only need 4 implants to support a full upper or lower set of teeth.

There would be several stages to your treatment;

  1. A thorough assessment with Neil and his treatment coordinators. We measure your jaw bone using an x-ray, to make sure the implants will fit. We then describe the most suitable number and position of implants for your new teeth.
  2. You can chose to have intravenous sedation provided which puts you into a state of indifference (though you can often have just a local anaesthetic). You will wake up an hour or so later with the implants already in. Two hours later the provisional bridge is fitted into your mouth and you can go home.
  3. After approximately 10 days your stitches are removed, and you can start eating soft solid foods; after about eight weeks you can eat normally.
  4. Approximately three months later impressions are taken to begin making your final bridge. It normally takes several appointments to ensure your new teeth look great.
  5. Twice a year it is essential to have a check-up and visit our hygienist to ensure the long-term success of your implants.

The benefits of having 'Teeth In A Day' are;

  • Short treatment time - it is possible to go form total tooth loss / having ruined teeth removed to having new fixed teeth in one treatment session.
  • Comfortable - because the new teeth are totally supported by implants you are rarely uncomfortable afterwards.
  • No need for bone augmentations, reducing complexity, risks and costs.
  • Able to chew food right away.
  • No more denture fixative.
  • No more teeth in a glass!

The benefits of having dental implants are;

  • You can eat a much healthier diet because you can manage meat and more fresh food.
  • You are able to chew food more, meaning more nutrients and fewer digestive problems.
  • You look much better, and feel ten years younger!