Patricia Hartley

“My Front Teeth”

I was devastated when I lost my front tooth and had to have a partial denture. It changed my life, I should have had shares in poly-grip a tube in every hand-bag!
no more steaks when in company, just in case.

I then visited Jon and Neil, a light at the end of a tunnel but oh! the thought of hours in the chair. I hate dentists but I hate poly-grip even more.

So we went ahead with the implant, all the staff were fantastic. I was a quivering wreck, just nerves.

The initial procedure was by no means as bad as I expected with hardly any pain afterwards. The hardest part was keeping my mouth open and being unable to talk! Tears of relief the worst bit was over.

At last the day came for the final fitting. It was great, the implant and the crown matched perfectly. We had a ceremonial “binning” of the dreaded denture and at last after endless photographs of just my mouth a final photograph of me smiling!

I was a new woman, thank you Jon and Neil. All I can say is “go for it” even if you hate dentists its not painful and believe me its worth it.

Shares have gone down in poly-grip!

Yours Sincerely

Patricia Hartley (May 2004)

all the staff were fantastic