Dental Hygiene

Nothing is more important than good dental hygiene! It keeps your breath fresh, your gums healthy and your smile bright.

I believe oral hygiene tuition is both underated and overlooked. We pride ourselves on the work we provide for our patients and we realise that people have worked hard for the money that they spend with us to invest in their dental health.

Our hygienist Daisy Coupe is a recognisable happy face within the practice. She is an excellent hygienist who can show you how to keep your mouth feeling fresh and in optimum condition.

Often, tartar that builds up on teeth for 6 months can be tenacious and tricky to clean off. Many of our customers opt for a 3 monthly visit to Diane, finding it a much more pleasant experience with the added benefit of a professional gleaming smile. This is the Crossbank Hygiene Club.

We want to teach all our customers how to look after their dental work so that it gives many years of service and remains looking good. If you feel that there are areas in your mouth that  you are having difficulty keeping spotlessly clean, please ask for our help!

Remember, the Crossbank payment plan can help spread the costs of regular hygiene visits, and the Crossbank Hygiene Club delivers the best in oral health.