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Natural Beauty

Enhance Your Appearance with Beauty & Wellness Treatments
Let us help you bring out your most radiant, confident self.

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Aesthetics by Sarah
Let us help you bring out your most radiant, confident self.

Our overall wellbeing is intimately coupled with our perception of how we look and our self-esteem. Your smile, your skin, your nails and make-up all contribute to that glowing feeling we have when we know we look good. Sarah is able to slow the onset of ageing and promote youthfulness using regenerative medicine and biological therapies.


Skin treatments


Microneedling is a treatment using multiple tiny needles which cause micro injury to the top layer of skin breaking down old collagen and stimulating new collagen and elastine production increase product absorption by up 80%.

A specially selected serum is selected specifically for the individual client and a course of treatments is recommended following consultation at 3-4 weekly intervals. Microneedling can also be used with a combination of chemical peels and dermaplaning.


Dermaplaning is a wonderful treatment aiming to remove dead skin cells and remove velous hair (Peach Fuzz). Dermaplaning helps the skin to glow and creates a smoother base for make up. This treatment is pain-free and very effective, plus it is suitable for everyone!

Chemical peels

Skin peels aim to remove the top layer of dead skin cells stimulating Collagen and elastine in the dermal layer of skin. They help with:

Evening out skin tone and texture

Reducing pores and blackheads

Targeting active acne

Smooths lines and wrinkles

Effective against photoaging skin

Effective against hyperpigmentation


Sebhorroeic Dermatitis

Verruca Vulgaris



A specific peel and strength will be selected at your in-depth consultation. More than one treatment may be recommended depending on skin complaint.

Skin tag and red vein removal (telangiectasia)

Using Diathermy techniques these skin blemishes can be simply removed with minimal discomfort and downtime. Prices start from £60 and may require more than one treatment.

B12 injections

80% of the population in the UK are thought to be low on Vitamin B12.  This is because we need something called the intrinsic factor in our stomachs to enable us to absorb the vitamin through our diets.  As we get older the intrinsic factor reduces and it is estimated that by the age of 70 people don’t have any at all, making absorption of B12 through diet and oral supplements extremely unreliable.  

The most reliable way to provide your body with the vitamin is intramuscular.

In the UK your B12 needs to be very low and qualify medically to be considered as deficient. This is because B12 deficiency is extremely widespread.  Symptoms are very widespread resulting in B12 often being overlooked.

We recommend 4 treatments (one per week for 4 weeks) to increase and stabilise levels then once per month.

Skin boosting & Profhilo

Skin Boosting with hyaluronic Acid injections.  AKA 10 point face lift.  The gel is injected in to specific points on the face super hydrating skin from the inside achieving an almost instant glow, over 2 weeks the gel stimulates collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid production creating a new extra cellular matrix tightening lifting, and rejuvenating skin.  Skin Boosting is versatile and can be targeted against specific problem areas.

Power of Profhilo £280 per session recommended 2 treatments at 4 week intervals


Seventy Hyal 2000 Glow up £200 per session recommended 3 treatments at 4 weekly intervals

Fat dissolving

Fat dissolving is a safe way to remove stubborn pockets of fat that no amount of dieting or exercise will move.  The treatment involves multiple injections and works over 4 to 6 weeks breaking down the fat in a controlled way then removing it through the lymphatic system.

More than 1 treatment is usually required and can be used almost anywhere.

Skin treatments

Wrinkle-Relaxing Injectables

After years of smiling or frowning, the muscles in our face can become elongated and enlarged, leading to wrinkling of the skin that rests on them. We can soften these lines and wrinkles caused by hyperactivity. 


Wrinkle-relaxing injectables relax the muscles beneath your skin and plumps up the creases that make these lines occur, the overall effect is to make you look younger.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a subtle approach to enhancing looks naturally and can be used to smooth out facial lines, create fuller lips and shape facial contours, such as cheeks and the chin. 

Dermal filler is a hyaluronic acid gel carefully injected in to the area to increase or replace lost volume, add definition, smooth out lines and wrinkles.  

Sometimes it may be necessary to dissolve lips that have been over filled or migration has occurred.  This is where filler has spread in to surrounding tissues.  In this case it is often best to dissolve and start again.

Demal Fillers

"Been to sarah a few times now for a few treatments and have to say WOW...Friendly, professional and lovely lady would highly recommend to anyone wanting treatments always puts you at ease and talks you through everything I wouldn't go to anyone else now & Thank you Sarah xx"

- Drew R.

"I can't even explain how amazing this woman is at her job! So professional warm and keeps you calm throughout the whole treatment. I'm so happy with the results and I wouldn't go anywhere else! Thank you so much Sarah xxx"

- Claudie H.

"I had a few skin complaints that I turned to Sarah with. Sarah was really knowledgeable and helpful with her recommendations. I'm in the middle of a course of chemical peels and micro needling and I can see a huge difference already. Sarah is very professional and caring and the treatment has always been comfortable. I wish I had visited Sarah sooner, my skin is feeling better than ever! Thank you!"

- Kate M.

"So had a second appointment with Sarah .. and she once again went above and beyond with her Service. Totally felt comfortable and at ease as she talked me through the whole process from start to finish. She is very proactive with her before during and after care. Always on hand to answer any questions or queries regard treatments. Her work is amazing and I will be a life long client now."

- Bear H.

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