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Tooth Extractions & Aftercare
Dedicated to creating and protecting beautiful smiles

Careful & Effective

Nobody looks forward to having a tooth removed. But often, the thought of having a tooth removed is worse than the experience itself. Our expertise in this area means we can go to great lengths to ensure that the tooth is removed carefully and effectively in the most pleasant manner possible. This ensures that post-operative discomfort is minimised.

We can also provide sedation for those people who are really anxious.

How long does it take?

Tooth removal can take from 10 seconds 30 minutes. 

Your the dentist will advise the length of the appointment needed once an examination has been carried out. If you are nervous, perhaps consider sedation?

Cracked Tooth Removal

Sometimes teeth can break down until they can barely been seen, with only the tooth root left in the gum. Do not worry! Removing teeth effectively takes good technique & skill - our highly qualified and skilful dentists have both.

Diabetic Patients

We are experienced in removing teeth for Diabetic patients.

Expert care and attention ensure careful removal of the necessary tooth with the option of PRF techniques / your biology to ensure proper healing.

Tooth Removal for Braces

Sometimes (but not always) teeth need to be removed to allow other teeth to be straightened. Your dentist will advise you if this will be necessary.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth can be tricky to remove. They sit right at the back of our mouths and are difficult to clean. 

They often exhibit recurrent infection (swelling +/- a bad taste), hence the need for their removal. Our skilled surgeons can remove wisdom teeth in the most efficient manner possible, making your appointment as painless as we can hope for. We also have 3D x-ray imaging some can plan the best way to remove your tooth prior to your appointment. Sedation for such treatment allows you to dream the tooth away.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare

Try to leave the socket alone for 24 hours. This is to allow a blood clot to form.

After 24 hours you should commence regular hot salty mouth rinses (tea spoon of salt and a small amount of warm water). A small amount of bleeding is normal; this may appear alarming especially if the blood mixes with saliva and you rinse into a white basin! If there is prolonged bleeding you should place a clean handkerchief or supplied gauze directly over the socket and apply pressure for 20 minutes.

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Visit us for a consultation today!

We are delighted to offer comprehensive consultations to any patients interested in enhancing the appearance of their smile with cosmetic or restorative dental treatments.  

Our consultation appointments last 90 minutes to allow our team time to understand the reason(s) for your visit, thoroughly assess your situation and offer solutions to your dental concerns.

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