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We would love you to visit our practice for a full tour and to meet our referral team. Neil offers all referrers the opportunity to observe any aspect of implant treatment. Let us know your area of interest and we will do out utmost to ensure you have an enjoyable and educational visit with us (there is no charge for this since it would be a pleasure to have you as a guest).

Your patient’s implant journey, 5 steps from referral to completion

1. New patient consultations

We welcome your patient into a professional environment and listen with respect to his/her concerns. After careful consideration we respond by presenting all possible treatment options together with a written recommendation and estimate of the investment required. There is always time for questions and a period of reflection.

2. Pre-surgical planning

To achieve your patient’s desired functional and aesthetic outcomes we place great emphasis on pre-surgical planning by utilising a range of imaging (CBCT), diagnostic previews, face bow registration and surgical guides.

3. Surgery

All surgery is performed precisely and gently, often using Intravenous Conscious Sedation, minimising surgical trauma and improving post-surgical experience, guaranteeing a superb aesthetic outcome. After surgery your patient is supervised by one of our care nurses. Prior to discharge we ensure your patient has full instructions and a 24-hour point of contact for help and advice.

4. Implant prosthetics

Our pre-surgical planning and meticulous approach to surgery pays dividends, ensuring the finest aesthetic result. All functional requirements are attended to and every care is taken to ensure the patient’s needs and wishes are met. The use of daylight photography and the patient’s own “pre-tooth loss” photographs allow effective and accurate communication with our technician.

5. Satisfaction

Your patient’s satisfaction is our prime concern. At the end of treatment we ensure that satisfaction has been achieved before offering final advice and returning the patient to your continuing care.