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Wellbeing using natural solutions from Essentially Rachel UK
Let us help you bring out your most empowered self.


Essentially Rachel
Let us help you bring out your most empowered self.

I'm Rachel, water lover, natural life led mama, wife, cancer survivor and a passionate essential oil guide.

It’s an honour to work in partnership with Crossbank Dental Care to add another level to your wellbeing, and to enable you to make empowered choices around your healthcare and self care.


Therapeutic grade essential oils from dōTERRA

I have chosen to partner with dōTERRA and use their therapeutic grade oils for myself, my family and all of my clients over the past 8 years for many reasons...Oil purity, their effectiveness as a result but also, transparency and co-impact sourcing and impact on wellbeing overall.


I can help guide you using pure therapeutic grade essential oils from dōTERRA, and the many ways these can help upgrade your health, both physically and emotionally. I'm hugely passionate about living a natural lifestyle and supporting you to do that too by:

Reducing the overwhelm
Understanding where you are at
Understanding where you’d like to be
Understanding how you’d like to feel
Creating simple daily routines
Taking things step by step

We can cover topics such as…

 Green Cleaning - reducing plastic and chemical pollution, but also protecting you and your family from harmful chemicals in a super efficient and cost effective way.

Green beauty  - reducing the toxic load on our body by creating calming and beautifying oily infused diy solutions, and understanding how to get ready-made ones.

Sleep - increasing the importance and effectiveness of the sleep you achieve by implementing daily routines that create great sleep hygiene and habits.

Calm - anxiety often a precursor to disease in mind or body, and can steal our sleep. We can work on natural solutions for your overall wellbeing and increasing the levels of calm in your every day and night. I work one to one and often in group workshops or courses.

You can contact me using the button below to find out more.

Skin treatments
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