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Root Fillings to Save Your Tooth
Dedicated to creating and protecting beautiful smiles

Root Fillings

Imagine a tooth is like an ice-cream cone, with the part of the tooth visible above the gum being the ice-cream and the tooth root being just like the ice-cream cone, tapered and hollow.

The nerve and blood vessels that keep the tooth alive are inside the hollow section of the ice-cream cone (the root canal). Sometimes the root canal becomes infected and causes tooth-ache or an abscess.

The purpose of a root canal filling is to clean out the root canal and fill it preventing any further infection. 

Root Fillings and Crowns

Normally, the root-filled tooth is weakened by this procedure and a crown would be recommended to strengthen the remaining tooth. 

Although a root-filled tooth is dead (no nerve supply), if made strong by a crown it should function normally for many more years.

Sometimes this requires 2 visits. Once your dentist has assessed your situation they shall advise how many appointments are required and the length of time they should last.

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Visit us for a consultation today!

We are delighted to offer comprehensive consultations to any patients interested in enhancing the appearance of their smile with cosmetic or restorative dental treatments.  

Our consultation appointments last 90 minutes to allow our team time to understand the reason(s) for your visit, thoroughly assess your situation and offer solutions to your dental concerns.

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