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Freshen your teeth and your breath with Dental Therapy & Hygiene
Dedicated to creating and protecting beautiful smiles

Stain Removal and Fresh Breath

Gone are the days of the cold, vibration of the tooth scaling machine. AIRFLOW is a sweet tasting, virtually painless, warmed, and incredibly effective tooth cleaning process. The latest way to have your teeth cleaned.

Since introducing the AIRFLOW it has been an overwhelming success, with 100% of patients saying they would choose it again! AIRFLOW has been described by patients as a “spa day for your teeth”.

Hear Ginny's Dental Hygiene story

Therapy-led Maintenance

Crossbank Dental Care offers therapy-led maintenance as a crucial component of its comprehensive dental services, recognising that preventative care and early intervention are key to maintaining a healthy smile. 

Our Dental Therapists are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of dental therapy. Through regular therapy-led maintenance appointments, you will receive dental health reviews and professional cleanings together with specific guidance on oral hygiene practices and dietary choices to prevent future dental issues. 

Therapy-led maintenance here can go beyond routine "check-ups" and cleanings. Our Therapists can also provide you with treatment plans tailored to you unique needs including white fillings, re-cementing crowns and special treatments such as removing white spots from your teeth. We believe that everything starts from the foundation of fresh breath and healthy gums, and our friendly Dental Therapists can show you how to keep your mouth in optimum condition. However, if you require treatments such as implants, crowns, root canals, extractions and tooth straightening, our therapists will refer you to one of our dentists. 

This collaborative approach between our team of dentists and therapists ensures that every patient receives treatments plans that are uniquely tailored to fulfil their individual dental needs, with the most appropriate clinician caring for them at each stage of treatment. We pride ourselves on the work we provide for our patients and we recognise that people have worked hard for the money that they spend with us to invest in their dental health, so we aim to give every patient the best possible experience with us. Our clinical team here have a wealth of knowledge to help you improve your oral health ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of a lifetime of healthy smiles.

A Crossbank Dental Care Hygiene Session

Often, tartar that builds up on teeth for 6 months can be tenacious and tricky to clean off.

Many of our patients opt for a 3 monthly visit, finding it a much more pleasant experience with the added benefit of a professional gleaming smile.

We want to teach all our patients how to look after their dental work so that it gives them many years of service and remains looking good. If you feel that there are areas in your mouth that you are having difficulty keeping spotlessly clean, please ask for our help!

Remember, the Crossbank Dental Care practice payment plan can help spread the costs of regular hygiene visits, and deliver the best in oral health.

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