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Brighter, whiter smiles with
Boutique Teeth Whitening

Dedicated to creating and protecting beautiful smiles

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How does it work?

Teeth Whitening is often the best way to improve your smile, simply, quickly and predicably. 

Our customised Home Whitening kits will whiten your teeth within 7-10 days to give you a confident, bright smile that can last up to 3 years (£339).

We make a discrete, clear, soft plastic tray that fits over your teeth. This holds the whitening gel in close contact to the surface of your teeth and is worn either 2 hours per day or over night.

If you keep your kit safe, then Top-up tubes of whitening gel can be bought for approximately £20. Many of our Team have whitened their teeth. Once the first course of whitening treatment is completed, we have found that one or two additional nights per year keeps our smiles looking bright and healthy all year round. 

Worried about a single darkened tooth?

Often, when a tooth is dead or has had a root canal filling it can go much darker than the other teeth, almost black in some cases. Individual teeth can also be whitened in 2-3 days to restore their normal colour.

How long does it take?

The first appointment is usually for 20 minutes to take impressions and photographs of your teeth. 

The 2nd (fitting) appointment is again usually for 20 minutes, approximately 2 weeks later. We confirm the fit of your bespoke whitening kit and demonstrate its use. 

We ask you to come back for a 10-minute review approximately 2 weeks later.


You can then enjoy a brighter, whiter smile!

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Visit us for a consultation today!

We are delighted to offer comprehensive consultations to any patients interested in enhancing the appearance of their smile with cosmetic or restorative dental treatments.  

Our consultation appointments last 90 minutes to allow our team time to understand the reason(s) for your visit, thoroughly assess your situation and offer solutions to your dental concerns.

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