Digital Imaging at Crossbank Dental & Implant Referral Centre

Dear Colleague,

I am pleased to introduce advanced Digital Imaging to Cumbria, having invested in Vatech’s Cone Beam CT scanner. This machine gives low dose OPG and CT images of fantastic clarity and has a variety of functions that can benefit your practice. 

Referrals can be arranged most efficiently by using the form on the right. You may also telephone 01539720820 with your patients contact details or we would happily post out some of our dedicated referral forms.

Referred patients can normally be seen within 48 hours of referral. Radiographs can be supplied via e-mail (OPG) or CD-ROM (CBCT too big to e-mail) within 24 hours of the scan appointment and CBCTs include free viewing software. Images can also be supplied in Dicom format at your request at no additional charge.

OPG £45

CT scans 

£295 First scan

£400 Maximum charge per patient


Full and sectional OPGs, TMJ views

Implant Dentists / Oral Surgeons;

Low dose CT scans (8 second scan, 5x5cm FOV) - CT scans are essential for accurate planning for dental implants or complex MOS procedures. Sinus floor anatomy and location of the Inferior Dental Canal can be viewed in 3 dimensions. A recent study by Reddy et el concluded that OPG assessment of bone height is inaccurate by 30% even when using a radiographic marker. (excluding radiographic report)


You can pre-operatively assess the number, location and orientation of root canals - find that MB2!

Dose comparisons;


Crossbank CBCT

International flight

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Hospital CT scan