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Why choose Crossbank Dental Care to straighten your teeth?

  1. Experience and Expertise: Dr Richard Hellen is a Platinum Invisalign provider, having gained extensive experience, over 30 years, helping people correct a wide variety of orthodontic issues. He blends his in-depth knowledge of extensive techniques to achieve excellent results.

  2. Personalised Treatment Plans: Each patient's orthodontic needs are unique, Dr Richard Hellen will assess your specific situation, listen to your goals, and create a tailored treatment plan to help you achieve the smile you wish for.

  3. Advanced Technology: Invisalign treatment relies on cutting-edge technology to create custom aligners and track your progress. Here at Crossbank Dental Care we utilise the latest digital scanning technology, such as intra oral scanners, which enhances accuracy and convenience for you during your treatment process.

  4. Comprehensive Services: We can align your teeth with aligners, lighten your teeth with tooth whitening, and then shape your teeth with cosmetic bonding. All of this happens under one roof - our experienced team of highly skilled clinicians means you do not have to go anywhere else & everyone is up-to-speed with your treatment to help you achieve the smile you wish for.

  5. Positive Reviews and Testimonials: We have created thousands of beautiful smiles over the years, patients positive experiences can be seen on our website, and in our testimonial folder which can be found in our patient lounge.

  6. Clear Communication: Your treatment during your Invisalign journey will be thoroughly explained at all stages - from discussing your dental wishes in your initial complimentary consultation with our Treatment Coordinator to your clinical consultation with Dr Richard Hellen and throughout your treatment until you are fully satisfied with the stunning results for your smile. We are happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have at any time.

  7. Comfort and Convenience: We prioritise patient comfort, provide flexible scheduling options, and we are conveniently located in Kendal in the heart of the Lake District.

If you'd like to make that first step to a straighter, brighter smile, call us today on 01539 720820 or use our contact tab on our website to book your complimentary consultation


We asked Invisalign patient James what difference has the treatment made to your life?

"I've been a lot more confident, I smile with ease, love my teeth. I've had a lot of comments off people, even strangers, saying what a nice smile, so it's been great. I've got that natural, happy, perfect smile that I've always wanted. I should have done it years ago."

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