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Transform your smile in just one appointment!

We are very excited to now offer Bioclear, an advanced and minimally invasive technique that can transform your smile in just one appointment.

What is the Bioclear method?

The Bioclear method is a minimally invasive and cost effective treatment using clear forms which are filled with a composite material that is matched to the shade of your teeth. The forms are removed leaving behind smooth contoured composite that has a beautiful shine and that is smooth to the touch, meaning the teeth will appear to emerge naturally. The tight contacts achieved with this system mean that the gum in-between your teeth is hugged back in to place, revealing a healthy and youthful smile.

How is the Bioclear method different from composite bonding?

Although cosmetic bonding has a great role to play in cosmetic dentistry it does sometimes have its limitations. It can leave small ledges and gaps at the tooth margins that may need to be touched up or replaced.

The Bioclear method is not bonding, it is overmolding. Instead of just patching the tooth, the Bioclear method allows the entire tooth to be overmolded with variable thickness composite.

What can the Bioclear method be used for?

The Bioclear method can help you have the smile you wish for, some of the most common treatment uses are for;

  • Black triangles between teeth: these can occur following bone loss and recession of the gum line. These black triangles can make the teeth look old and can also accumulate food debris encouraging excess plaque build-up.

  • The vertical gap in-between two teeth (diastemas): Although these gaps are considered harmless, meaning it rarely affects dental health, some people do wish to close these gaps.

  • Undersized lateral teeth or peg laterals: This is where the tooth has not grown to its full capacity, making the smile line look uneven.

  • Fix chips or breaks without replacements or crowns, leaving as much of the underlying tooth structure as possible.

  • Cover stained or discoloured teeth to create a long lasting, natural looking smile.

How long does the Bioclear method last?

Traditional composite bonding has a lifespan of around 2-5 years whereas when cared for correctly, the Bioclear method restorations can typically last fifteen to twenty years or more.

How much does Bioclear cost?

The Bioclear method is less than half the price of a porcelain veneer and conserves more of your natural tooth structure. Although the Bioclear method is slightly more expensive than composite bonding, the results from the Bioclear method are harder and more structurally sound than traditional composite bonding alone and has a longer life expectancy.

Before and after picture of teeth using Bioclear treatment

If you would like to explore your options with the Bioclear method please call our friendly Front of House team on 01539 720820 and we can arrange a consultation appointment for you.

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